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What Inspires Me

Human skin.

It’s my guiding light. My research laboratory. My life and livelihood. 

I have studied skin in all its glory and ignominy for over a quarter of a century, and I am obsessed with helping people have the best skin possible. But with all my qualifications and experience, my own skin problems have been the best teacher of all…

In recent years, I have focused research at Rationale on the exponentially unfolding fields of genetics and epigenetics. Put simply, genetics are what we’re born with, while epigenetics are what we become. The former we have no control over, the latter seems infinitely variable. Skin is the one organ of our body where doing all the right things shows most clearly. We can change our dermal destiny.

I have written many times of my own skin genetics; how I inherited a “double whammy” of acne from my father, and solar ageing/skin cancer from my mother. At 25 I was still breaking out, and my skin was already showing signs of premature ageing such as fine lines and pigmentation. 

Then I became a formulation scientist. And altered the future of my own skin forever.  

Richard Parker Black and White Photograph for Vogue

Through countless hours of reading and experimentation I discovered all of the ingredients that were proven to work “miracles” on the skin (now called The Essential Six). Then I pioneered a way to put all of these actives into skin identical vehicles that not only delivered them where they were needed most, but did so while strengthening and calming the skin’s immune system. Today we call this innovation Rationale Isotropic Technology. 

When I started our company, the concept of “cosmeceuticals” did not exist. There were drugs (which worked but had side effects). And there were cosmetics (which didn’t work but also had side effects!). People were scared of one, and duped by the other. 

I knew there was a parallel universe awaiting discovery, where formulations that not only worked wih the skin, but were also made of the same components as the skin could be created. This became my life’s work. And it was, until recently, a very lonely path…

Drug researchers begin with molecules, then try to find applications. 

I started the opposite way. 

I was absolutely convinced that the answers to having the healthiest skin possible lay in studying healthy skin itself. 

You see, in healthy individuals, the skin knows what to do innately. All the answers were right there, right in front of me, just waiting to be uncovered. 

With these profound discoveries, I am driven and inspired daily by our dear clients, and the desire to show them just how wonderful their skin can be. 

Skin is our presentation to the world. 

I live to make it as beautiful a representation of our physical existence and well being as possible.