Isotropic Formulations

Skin Identical - The Platinum Standard

Skin is our inspiration. Our research library. Our guiding light.

Everything we do, every product we make, begins by studying the way the skin naturally does what it is we are seeking to replicate, protect or repair. How it looks, feels and behaves when it is in a state of optimum health and radiance. What it needs throughout life to constantly bring it back to this point of vitality and luminosity. These insights then become the very essence of every product we make.

Over the past 25 years we’ve grown closer and closer to creating optimised formulations that are perfectly synchronised with the skin. Skin identical vitamins, lipids and proteins. Probiotic delivery systems precision- calibrated to reach target tissues and cells. Products that are as luxurious and gentle as they are powerful.

Introducing Rationale Skin Care’s ISOTROPIC FORMULATIONS, the new paradigm in skin care.


Isotropy is a principle of abstract mathematics. It literally means “uniformity in all phases and orientations”. It is derived from the Greek iso (equal) and tropos (direction).

Rationale Skin Care has pioneered this concept in dermatologic pharmacology, creating formulations that deliver perfect synchronicity between active ingredient, base formulation and the skin. No superfluous or harmful ingredients. Completely “skin natural” formulations. Every molecule contributing to skin vitality and luminosity.

All Rationale Skin Care formulations, from our iconic Essential Six, to our super-luxe Hydrators and Specialist Products are 100% Isotropic. An unprecedented level of efficacy, elegance and safety has been achieved. A new benchmark set.


  • Precisely targeted delivery of active ingredient

  • Enhanced cell-to-cell communication

  • Fortification of barrier function

  • Synergistic layering of each product to achieve optimal skin health and luminosity

  • Every formulation is hydrating, optimising enzymatic function and epidermal moisturisation 

  • Decreased sensitivity to active ingredients


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