Inside the Lab

By Richard Parker

I’m so proud of our lab.

It's our own research and development facility located in inner-city Melbourne. The lab is where we develop and test all our new product ideas. It’s the difference between us and other skincare companies. It’s our credibility. 



Traditional skincare

Other skincare companies work from the marketing department out. Marketing come up with a product idea. The idea is tendered out to a contract manufacturer who makes up samples. Marketing tell them to add more fragrance and lower the price. The contract manufacturers comply. Marketing design fancy packaging and sign up a celebrity, they tell the contract manufacturers to lower the price again. The contract manufacturers comply by removing some of the good ingredients. As long as it smells good and feels good marketing are happy. The product is launched, hyped by the fashion magazines who carry the advertising. You give it a try. It doesn’t work. You’re back to square one.

Rationale is different

We scour the medical and scientific literature for advances in safe, natural, active ingredients. We follow our own instincts by studying the skin. We look at what the skin uses naturally to stay healthy and clear. Rationale is not tested on animals. We do not engage in animal testing of any kind. The only skin we test on is human skin. Human skin is always our guiding light.

We take these advances and build our own prototypes. We test them on ourselves. Then we send out samples to major dermatology and plastic surgery practices around the country. If the feedback is 100% positive we go into production. If not, it’s back to the drawing board.

This way we know we are giving you products that are totally effective and safe. We measure success by your feedback, if you feel a measurable improvement in your skin tone and texture, we've succeeded.

Only then do we ask our clinical staff to run education seminars for doctors, nurses, skin therapists and patients explaining how the new products should be used to improve the skin.


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