EpiGenetic Remodelling Facial


RATIONALE EPIGENETIC REMODELLING FACIAL™ is a powerful 75-minute lifting treatment that instantly firms, sculpts and contours the face and neck using a sequence of transdermal infusions and remodelling modalities to influence your skin’s genetic potential, reversing sun damage and facial ageing. Microcurrent, ultrasound and LED technology work in synergy to rejuvenate and re-firm facial skin and muscles, for a fresher, firmer complexion and a redefined profile.


- Skin feels firmer, more defined
- Resurfaced, refined texture


- Optimises skin’s genetic expression
- Promotes cell renewal and the growth of new healthy skin
- Activates neo-collagen production to restore volume and elasticity, and plump wrinkles
- Relaxes dynamic lines
- Tones and tightens the skin to a youthful smoothness and tautness.
- Restores muscle tone by redefining facial contours, lifting cheeks and tightening neck and jaw line.

Results are cumulative and it can take up to 4-6 weeks to take full effect.

A course of 6 Rationale EpiGenetic Remodelling Facial treatments over 3 weeks is essential for the Phase 1 Activation stage. This is then followed by ongoing monthly maintenance treatments. 

RATIONALE EPIGENETIC REMODELLING FACIAL™ is available exclusively at our Rationale Flagship Skin Clinics (Woollahra - NSW, Mosman- NSW, Toorak - VIC, Melbourne Emporium - VIC + Brisbane - QLD, Subiaco - WA). Find your nearest Clinic here.



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