B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50

B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50


Luminescence. Protection. Skin Perfection. 
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The Story

Sheer radiance.

An elegant formulation delivering lightweight luminosity, B3-T Tinted Superfluid SPF50 imparts vitality and nourishing hydration to skin daily, while averting environmental impact with SPF50 protection. 

The Promise

Skin calmness is re-established.

Superlative Solar Constant protection is delivered.

Hydration and radiance augmented.

The Ritual

Shake to activate Superfluid formulation. 

Dispense onto fingertips and apply to entire face, neck, décolletage and backs of hands. 

Apply a second layer for additional coverage and protection. 

Use in synergy with your RATIONALE Essential Six formulations for remarkable skin luminosity. 

To discover how to introduce this formulation into your RATIONALE Ritual, connect with our Team of Online Skin Consultants. 

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The Science

Sheer skin radiance, waterlight protection and intense hydration are delivered in this Superfluid formulation. Powered by B-Group vitamins and essential antioxidants to energise, calm and strengthen barrier integrity while providing powerful environmental defence.