Super Antioxidant Serum

Step 2 of the Rationale Essential Six system. SUPER ANTIOXIDANT SERUM revitalises, refirms and reactivates luminosity with the complete complement of skin-identical antioxidants while Australian Photoprotective Botanical extracts prevent glycation to maintain skin firmness and youthful elasticity.


Product Description

SUPER ANTIOXIDANT SERUM firms and reactivates luminosity with skin identical Vitamins A, C & E while Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase, Ubiquinone and Ferulic Acid provide maximum protection from sun-induced oxidation and glycation. A unique combination of Australian Photoprotective Botanical extracts protects skin from oxidative stress and rejuvenates sun damaged tissue with a complete profile of high dosage lipid and water soluble endogenous + exogenous antioxidants. Antioxidant rejuvenation + Glycation defence.


- Rejuvenates, firms and boosts luminosity 
- Isotropic Ratio of Vitamins A, C + E combined with botanical lipid antioxidants and anti-glycation actives for synergistic protection
- Prevents glycation to maintain skin firmness and youthful elasticity
- Helps defend against UVR and formation of ROS
- Boosts skin immunity
- Promotes collagen synthesis, firming skin tone
- Smoothes and softens skin texture
- Reduces appearance of fine lines
- Improves translucency
- Helps fade pigmentation
- Augments skin moisturisation



-  Apply 1-2 drops of IMMUNOLOGIST SERUM to face, neck, chest & hands each morning.
-  Follow with 1-2 drops of SUPER ANTIOXIDANT SERUM onto face, neck, chest & hands.
-  Finish with an application of PHOTODYNAMIC DAY CREAM SPF15 for maximum rejuvenation and protection. 

Active Ingredients

Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate 
-  Potent, stable form of Vitamin C
- L-Ascorbic acid combined with natural skin lipid

Palmitic Acid
- Hydro-lipophilic, able to penetrate both water and oil soluble compartments of skin
- Hydro-lipophilic.Able to penetrate both water + oil soluble compartments of skin
- In-situ, palmitic acid cleaves, liberating L-ascorbic acid and inhibiting profound moisturising effect
- DNA protective
- Prevents lipid peroxidation
- Tyrosinase inhibitor – helps control melanogenesis
- Promotes collagen synthesis
- Inhibits collagen degrading enzymes (MMP’s)

-  Acts as an endogenous antioxidant in the upper epidermis
-  Converted to Retinaldehyde by Retinol dehydrogenases throughout the epidermis
- Some will reach the dermis where it is converted to Retinoic Acid by Retinal dehydrogenases
- Biological Activities of Vitamin A include:
- Control of epithelial cell proliferation and differentiation
- Immune modulation
- Control of cellular morphogenesis
- Stimulation of angiogenesis
- Production of collagen
- Inhibition of carcinogenesis
- Absorption of UV light
- Antioxidant
- Melanin control
- Protection of DNA when absorbing UVR
- Protection of lipid membranes and proteins from UV-induced oxidative stress

αβγδ Tocopherols + αβγδ Tocotrienols 
-  Complete profile of Vitamin E molecules found naturally in the skin
- Optimal blend of the skin's own natural vitamin E actives
- Work synergistically to enhance photoprotection and block formation of ROS
- Reduce visible signs of UV damage-erythema and edema
- Exhibit powerful pigment-stabilising properties. Helps fade pigmented lesions
- Provide superior antioxidant protection
- Help fade hyperpigmentation

-  Ubiquinone (CoenzymeQ10) is part of the inner mitochondrial membrane where it supports cellular energy production
-  Neutralises superoxide radical generated during UV exposure
-  Directly augments and protects intercellular lipids and lipid membranes

- An important water-soluble antioxidant found naturally in human skin
- Acts as a reducing agent for various enzymes such as Glutathione Peroxidase and Phospholipid Hydroperoxide, which prevents the formation of fatty acid radicals such as Lipid Hydroperoxide

Superoxide Dismutase
- A cytosolic enzyme found in virtually every cell of the body.
- It preferentially deactivates the superoxide radical,caused by the formation of cytotoxic photoproducts following exposure to the Solar Constant.

Ferulic Acid
- Botanical antioxidant and anti-glycation agent with photoprotective benefits
- Scavenges free radicals and protects cells from environmental damage.
- Particularly effective against the highly destructive superoxide and hydroxyl radicals
- Anti-inflammatory
- Helps inhibit UV-induced melanogenesis (pigmentation caused by the sun)
- Enhances Vitamin C and E preservation

Ellagic Acid
- Potent antioxidant compound found in native Australian flora
- Can help reduce the signs of sun damage,including the preservation of collagen when skin is exposed to UVB light
- Interrupts the process that causes excess melanin formation in skin

- An active constituents of native Australian flora
- Anti-inflammatory
- Stimulates healthy collagen production while reducing oxidative damage within skin

- A potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrient derived from native Australian flora
- Naturally ameliorates glycation-induced damage by stabilising the collagen matrix, promoting collagen biosynthesis
- Improves microcirculation

Australian Photoprotective + Repair Botanical Extracts
- Water Soluble: Crown of Gold, Flame Tree, Mountain Pepper Berry, Rosella, Waratah, Banksia, Native Snowflower, Davidson Plum, Kakadu Plum and Finger Lime Caviar
- Lipids: Black Cypress, Blue Cypress, Native Sandalwood and Native Peach


"This serum feels beautiful on your skin and it is absorbed quickly, love it”- Julie (NSW)

"I use Rationale Super Antioxidant Serum, every morning!" - Lisa (NSW)

"I never ever start the day without using this”- Marina (VIC)

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