Eye Specialist

This specialist formula contains a complex combination of skin-firming Vitamin A, Bio-Peptides and Ceramides to promote overnight rejuvenation and repair of the delicate eye area.


Product Description

EYE SPECIALIST is a luxurious gel-cream infused with skin-firming Vitamin A and Bio-Peptides, plus pro-circulatory botanicals, anti-inflammatory agents and nourishing Ceramides for optimal overnight rejuvenation and repair of the delicate eye area. The triple-action formula targets all key areas of under eye stress, including fine lines and wrinkles, dryness and sensitivity, dark circles and puffiness. Glides effortless over fragile skin, delivering instant softness, smoothness, luminosity and hydration.


-  Simultaneously targets all key areas of eye area stress:  wrinkles, loss of elasticity, dark circles, inflammation and dryness
-  Helps improve microcirculation to relieve puffiness
-  Lightweight cream-gel formula effortlessly glides and soothes under eye area
-  Reactivates vital skin enzymes responsible for keeping eye area smooth, luminous and hydrated
-  Pure, organic formula based on organic rosewater and aloe
-  100% preservative free
-  Immediate optical luminosity


- Apply Rationale Eye Specialist liberally to orbital eye contour every night (after cleansing with ProCeramide Cleanser and over Catalyst Serum and DNA Night Cream).

- Gently pat/press onto skin around the eyes using 4th finger (ring finger).


Active Ingredients

-  Sirtuins and Amino Acids enhance inter and intracellular communication, resulting in reactivation of enzymes responsible for replication of procollagen mRNA
-  Algae and Pullulan Extracts provide immediate skin firming and lifting

-  Major wrinkle-erasing Vitamin A active

Procirculatory Botanicals Including Cypress + Grape Leaf 
• Fortify capillary walls and enhance lymphatic draining of undereye skin
• Ceramides and Sphingosines augment the skin’s liquid crystal matrix providing optimal hydration and optical luminosity
• Dark circles and puffiness are reduced

Ceramides and Sphongosines 
-  Augment the skin’s liquid crystal matrix providing optimal hydration and optical luminosity
-  Lumispheres: wavelength-specific reflective particles bounce light of lines and shadows

Hyaluronic Acid Complex 
-  Bathes epidermis in maximum moisture binding glycosaminoglycans

Pettigree (Ruscus Aculeatus) Root Extract
-  Anti-oedema (puffiness) active
-  Improves lymphatic drainage and microcirculation

Solidago Virgaurea (Goldenrod) Extract 
-  Anti-inflammatory and soothing

Astragalus Membranaceus (Bei Qi) Root Extract 
-  Anti-inflammatory immune booster

Organic Rosewater, Coconute Water and Aloe 
-  Soothing, refreshing botanical waters gently balance stratum corneum pH levels and reduce irritation

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