Retinoids vs Retinol: What’s the Difference?

Whilst there is no arguing that Retinoids offer profound skin results, it’s imperative that the type, strength, and frequency of use are tailored to your specific skin type and condition. 

The Education

First things first: the words “Vitamin A”, “Retinoid” and “Retinol” are often used interchangeably—but it’s important to understand the difference. “Retinoid is the name for all Vitamin A derivatives—of which, Retinol is one. Retinol is the most commonly used Retinoid in skincare, and is one of the many Vitamin A derivatives in the Retinoid family,” says Lauren Burton, National Education Manager at RATIONALE.

The Research

So, with many Vitamin A derivatives available, how do you choose the right actives for your skin? 

Enter: The RATIONALE Research Team. Directed by RATIONALE Founder and Cosmetic Chemist, Richard Parker, our Team has spent three decades researching, testing and decoding Retinoids for you. The result? #6 The Renewal Collection. 

The Collection features Formulations with either our signature Retinoid Complex—for those with Resilient Skin—or our innovative Botanical Retinoid Analogue Complex, for those with sensitivity to Vitamin A. The result is skincare that eclipses its contemporaries, revealing a picture of renewed, rejuvenated skin come morning. 

Your guide to #6 The Renewal Collection

For Resilient Skin: #6 The Night Crème + #6 The Eye Crème

These two regenerative Formulations boast our signature Retinoid Complex. Prescribed to those with a tolerance to Vitamin A, the unique accord of Active Ingredients support skin renewal by optimising cell regeneration and stimulating collagen synthesis. 

For Sensitive or Reactive Skin: #6 The GelCrème

Imbuing the same level of complexion rejuvenation, this innovative Formulation harnesses a revolutionary botanical known as Bakuchiol within its proprietary Botanical Retinoid Analogue Complex. Formulated for those who do not easily tolerate topical Vitamin A—including those who are pregnant or breastfeeding—this GelCrème Formulation targets signs of hyperpigmentation and environmental damage, while refining texture and firmness.

Your Expert Guide 

Still unsure which Formulation is right for you? We recommend consulting our Expert Guide to discover your unique skin type and personalised RATIONALE Ritual prescription. 

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