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For more than 25 years

RATIONALE has been prescribed by Australia's leading Dermatologists, Plastic Surgeons and Cosmetic Physicians to deliver Luminous Skin for Life via our skin identical Essential Six formulations.

We are driven to develop luxurious, powerful, world-leading formulations that protect from and repair sun damage from our dermatology-driven laboratory at RATIONALE HQ in Melbourne.

How to Get Started

A medical skincare consultation is the essential first step in a RATIONALE regime—and the best investment you can make in your skin’s future. Including skin scanning and UV imaging, this in-depth consultation allows you to understand your skin’s health, unique needs and concerns, and have a skincare prescription perfectly tailored to you.

RATIONALE Skin Consultations are available at all RATIONALE Flagships Clinics and through our network of trusted Doctors in Medical Clinics located all around Australia.

But we understand that busy, modern life (or distance) often gets in the way of our best skin-tentions. That’s why we’ve made our Online Skin Consultants available to you—wherever you may be. An Online Skin Consultations can be made via video chat, live chat or telephone. Book yours today.

“I just received the most outstanding service via a phone consultation with Mirella from your Subiaco Flagship Clinic! She was a wealth of knowledge, and so confident in recommending products for my skin’s needs with an in-depth, thorough description of the benefits of each of the products and usage. Thank you so much.” – Ericka, Sydney RATIONALE Client.

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The Essential Six and our Skin Identical Formulations

Your RATIONALE regime is built around the Essential Six. A daily ritual of six products that act as skin’s daily nutrition, containing all the Immune Boosters, Antioxidant, Solar Protection, Hydroxy Acid Complexes, DNA Repair Enzymes and powerful Australian Solar Botanicals your skin needs to thrive despite the most extreme conditions.

RATIONALE has pioneered, skin identical formulas that are perfectly synchronised with the skin’s physiology. Our formulations are calibrated at the correct concentrations to deliver optimal skin health and radiance.

“The RATIONALE Essential Six ticks all the boxes. From my perspective, the formulations have proven benefits and the integrated active ingredients protect and repair the skin.” – Dr Philip Bekhor, Consultant Dermatologist, Laser Dermatology

The Solar Authority

Our ongoing research into the effects of solar exposure as the primary cause of facial ageing is at the heart of everything we do, earning us worldwide acclaim as an industry leader in the prevention and treatment of sun damage.

We believe advanced SPF is a non-negotiable. Our research, development and innovation led to the creation of Superfluid SPF technology—lightweight, skin-syncing SPF protection against the entire Solar Constant (UV, visible light and infrared) that nourishes, hydrates and imparts a healthy radiance. Our sunscreens complement every Essential Six prescription to deliver maximum daily rejuvenation, protection—and Luminous Skin for Life.