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Richard's Story

If you’ve ever had problem skin, you will empathise with my story.

I was not born with good skin genes. I had my mother’s predisposition to sun damage, and my father’s tendency to acne. 

I was a competitive swimmer, and at 25 I had acne AND sun damage. 

Poor skin can severely damage your self-esteem, and I became obsessed with having ‘perfect skin’. 

So I set out to educate myself about how it could be done…

Along the way, I wasted a lot of money on expensive skincare products that did more harm than good, but the real gold was to be found in the medical library at Melbourne University, where I spent countless hours devouring dermatology textbooks and pharmacology journals. 

I knew I had found my calling in life; to marry medical science to cosmetic formulation, creating a skincare regime that delivered on its promise of a healthy, radiant complexion. 

The journey was difficult and convoluted, involving a complete change of career and tertiary study in formulation science, but gradually, RATIONALE began to take form.

Richard Parker

In 1991, I was approached by several pioneering Australian Dermatologists who encouraged me to further my research and develop formulations that addressed the major cause of skin ageing: the sun. 

Many years of painstaking research and development followed, and today, the RATIONALE Essential Six is acknowledged worldwide as the definitive skincare regimen for the prevention and treatment of skin ageing caused by the sun. 

In 2012, we created a new skincare paradigm with the launch of our Isotropic Formulation technology, using Skin Identical ingredients to deliver the necessary actives at the correct concentrations to target precise tissues and cells, protecting and restoring skin health and radiance.

Today, our network of RATIONALE Flagship Clinics and Doctors Australia-wide are defining a new space in modern beauty, with healthy, glowing skin as the foundation. My own story started with my disappointment at skincare that promised (but failed) to change my problematic skin. So I embarked on a self-directed journey to discover “what works”.

Through a combination of formal studies and independent scientific research over many years, I discovered the truth about skincare and the skincare industry. If this was going to work, it was going to take a radical approach that connected the worlds of beauty and medicine.

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“Beauty transcends age.”

Richard Parker, Founder and Director,  RATIONALE Research