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Our Luminary Stories

Welcome to the home of the RATIONALE Luminaries - a collection of some of our most inspiring, talented and loyal RATIONALE Clients.

Bearing our signature #RATIONALEglow - and a lit-from-within character, to be a Luminary is to champion the spirit and values of RATIONALE.

We celebrate these ambassadors through a series of profiles, events and campaigns - all of which you can find below.

Meet our 2019 Luminaries

Earlier this year, we brought together nine incredibly talented, inspiring and admired individuals for our Luminary Campaign.

From all walks of life, cities – and life stages – they all had one thing in common: a dedication to the Essential Six and that #RATIONALEglow. 

Here they share their stories. 

RATIONALE Luminary Christie Nicolaides

Christie Nicolaides 
Jewellery Designer 

RATIONALE Luminary Robyn Baillieu

Robyn Baillieu
Mother of three

RATIONALE Luminary Steve Cordony

Steve Cordony
 Interior Stylist

RATIONALE Luminary Myra Perez

 Myra Perez
Owner My Violet

RATIONALE Luminary Nada Brissenden

Nada Brissenden 

RATIONALE Luminary Millie Herd

Millie Herd 
Makeup and Brow Artist

RATIONALE Luminary Paloma Garcia

 Paloma Garcia
Director PALOMA Salon 

RATIONALE Luminary Hiromi Yu

Hiromi Yu
Owner of MARAIS   

RATIONALE Luminary Kathryn Khoo

 Kathryn Khoo
Business Manager and Senior Cosmetic Nurse, iSkin Clinics 


"I'm learning to embrace my flaws and imperfections, and not let them define me"

Millie Herd, RATIONALE 2019 Luminary

Words of counsel to younger selves, advice for leading an unfiltered life, and reflections on how confidence in one’s appearance can beget kindness in our interactions with others.

These are among the stories and wisdoms shared by this year’s RATIONALE Luminaries.

Below, Founder of PALOMA Salon and RATIONALE 2019 Luminary, Paloma Garcia shares her thoughts on the pressures of social media and how she remains grounded.



Visit the RATIONALE Youtube channel to see more from our Luminaries.
The RATIONALE Luminaries

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Hear from our 2019 Luminaries

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Meet our 2018 Luminaries

Last year, eight beautiful women came together to celebrate Luminous Skin and share their very special skin stories with RATIONALE.

Here you can read the inspirational stories from our Luminaries.

RATIONALE Luminary Debbie Tan

Debbie Tan
Co-Owner Aquabumps

RATIONALE Luminary Lucinda Pitt

Lucinda Pitt
Brand and Communications Consultant

RATIONALE Luminary Kristin Fisher

Kristin Fisher
Founder Kristin Fisher Eyebrows

RATIONALE Luminary Olivia Bond

Olivia Bond
Gemmologist and Private Jeweller

RATIONALE Luminary Samantha Powell

Samantha Powell
Makeup Artist

RATIONALE Luminary Lesley Vanderwalt

Lesley Vanderwalt
Oscar-winning Makeup Artist

RATIONALE Luminary Emma Charlotte Bangay

Emma Charlotte Bangay
Model and Writer

RATIONALE Luminary Nicole Bonython-Hines

Nicole Bonython-Hines
Fashion Stylist

 What’s your ethos on ageing? Everyone’s experience of looking in the mirror and examining their reflection is unique.

Here, our 2018 Luminaries share their feelings on getting older and their key to feeling confident no matter what age - you guessed it. RATIONALE.

Read more about our Luminaries' ethos on ageing here.



"I don't mind all the wrinkles; they're kind of like your little tracks from where you've been and what you've experienced."

Debbie Tan, Co-owner of Aquabumps and RATIONALE 2018 Luminary

What were your insecurities growing up?

Here, Lesley Vanderwalt, Emma Charlotte Bangay, Debbie Tan, Nicole Bonython-Hines and Kristin Fisher talk about the insecurities they had growing up.

Read more about our Luminaries' advice they’d give to their younger selves here.

RATIONALE Luminaries Emma Charlotte Bangay, Nicole Bonython-Hines and Olivia Bond

What Kind of Woman Are You?

Our 2018 Luminaries open up about how their friends describe them - and how they see themselves.

 Find out which celebrities they emulated, the traits that got them noticed and the skin compliments that couldn’t be ignored.

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