Innovation | RATIONALE

A world of firsts.

In a world of firsts, we spotlight some of our most powerful global achievements:

1992 - World's First AHA-BHA Serum 
1993 - World’s First OTC Triple Retinoid 
1994 - World's First Niacinamide Serum 
1996 - World's First Skin Identical Antioxidant Serum
1996 - World's First TGA Zinc Sunscreen
1998 - World's First ProCeramide Cleanser
2012 - World’s First Skin Identical Skincare Formulations 
2014 - World's First Superfluid Sunscreen (B3-T SPF50+)
2014 - World’s First Niacinamide Sunscreen (B3-T SPF50+)
2015 - World’s First Retinoid + DNA Repair Enzyme Crème (DNA Night Cream)
2016 - World’s First Luminizing Liquid Crystal Superfluid (Beautiful Skin SPF50)
2017 - World’s First Superfluid Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter (SPF50)
2017 - World’s First Skin Epigenetic-DNA Test 

Rationale Essential Six with Coloured Perspex

 Pioneering skincare.

Australian skincare scientists know more about the effects of the sun on skin than anyone in the world. For more than 25 years, RATIONALE has been the global leader in understanding, preventing and reversing the major cause of skin ageing: the sun.  

Our pioneering solar skincare innovations deliver luminous skin for life.  

The RATIONALE Essential Six regime has become the gold standard in prestige medical skincare, acknowledged by Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons worldwide. 

We were the first, and remain the #1 elite skincare brand prescribed by Australian Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons, the medical experts in skin health and the world leaders in the prevention and rejuvenation of sun damage. 

We were also the first to draw on the unique SolarProtective and SolarRepair biotechnology of native Australian flora in our formulations, providing the ultimate protection and repair of sun damage. 

With the opening of our RATIONALE Flagship Clinics, we’ve pioneered a powerful new way of partnering with our Doctors to reinforce the referral loop, combining medical skincare and facial treatments for the discerning beauty client.

In 2014 we triumphantly launched the world’s first Superfluid Sunscreen SPF50+, and registered it with the world’s most stringent authority on sunscreen regulation – the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Our Superfluids are as advanced as sunscreens get, delivering high SPF with water-light elegance and ultra-silky skin feel. High performance, multitasking Superfluid SPF50 colour cosmetics followed, offering powerful sun protection in combination with luminous skin perfection and lustrous colour. Sun protection transformed to sensual beauty. 

Most recently, our Epigenetic-DNA testing procedure heralds a new era of individual skin knowledge and age control empowerment. Our proprietary DNArray test examines genetic markers that determine chromosomal predisposition to skin ageing, enabling individualised, genetically targeted prescription of skincare formulations for every client.

Rationale leads the world in restoring and protecting skin radiance.

Richard Parker, Head of Research + Development