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A World of Firsts

In a world of firsts, we spotlight some of our most powerful global achievements:

1992 - World's First AHA-BHA Serum 
1993 - World’s First OTC Triple Retinoid 
1994 - World's First Niacinamide Serum 
1996 - World's First Skin Identical Antioxidant Serum
1996 - World's First TGA Zinc Sunscreen
1998 - World's First ProCeramide Cleanser
2012 - World’s First Skin Identical Skincare Formulations 
2014 - World's First Superfluid Sunscreen (B3-T SPF50+)
2014 - World’s First Niacinamide Sunscreen (B3-T SPF50+)
2015 - World’s First Retinoid + DNA Repair Enzyme Crème (DNA Night Cream)
2016 - World’s First Luminizing Liquid Crystal Superfluid (Beautiful Skin SPF50)
2017 - World’s First Superfluid Bronzer, Blush and Highlighter (SPF50)
2017 - World’s First Skin Epigenetic-DNA Test (DNArray Medical Consultation)
2019 - World's First Ceramic Shield (Antioxidant Hydragel)

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"RATIONALE leads the world in restoring and protecting skin radiance.”

Richard Parker,  Founder and Director,  RATIONALE Research